About us

Baixiong Bags Company Limited was established in 1984. It is a professional corporation which specialized in design,production and sales for bags & luggage.Main productions include kindergartner bags with animal and carton features,schoolbags,Laptop backpacks,outdoor backpacks,gun bags ,traveling bags,trolley bags and other bags for special functions.Our advantages are to keep fashion, high quality, lower price to earn domestic and oversea customers.
Our mission is to keep best quality to survival and develop variety production.
Hot line: +86-0739-2622256


4 advantages of service

10 years focus, professional photography

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Service flow

01. Contact customer service

According to the bottom of the page contact online customer service or call us, explain your shooting needs. The proposed increase our customer service QQ, show specific picture shooting program, and then carry out detailed communication, confirm the shooting program. Local customers can go directly to our company face to face cooperation negotiations.
We want to communicate directly with the decision makers of the project to understand the intentions, ideas and expectations of their decision makers fully, clearly and accurately, and to draw conclusions quickly and to reduce the number of people who work in order to avoid unnecessary communication of mistakes and miscommunication. Information transmission and speculation caused by the variation and work delays.

02. Offer products

Clear shooting content, quantity, cost and schedule, according to your actual situation, to provide you with the most suitable program, signed a cooperation agreement, the customer in accordance with the agreement to pay advance.
You can directly take the need to shoot the goods to our company, remote customers and other uncertain factors inconvenient to bring goods directly to our company, you can express the goods to us and tell us the express number, to facilitate our inquiries express.
Note: The cost of goods back and forth to be borne by the customer.
We receive the goods at the same time, there will be a special staff count the number of samples sorting style, valuable goods will have a special safe deposit. We will promptly contact you to confirm the goods quantity and the goods are in good condition.

03. Organization of work

We will immediately arrange for the delivery of the goods, in accordance with the established program for shooting. 2 to 4 working days after the completion of the shooting in accordance with the requirements of the agreement to complete the post-processing works of photography.

04. Deliver the finished product

Upon completion of the post-processing of the photographic work, samples are submitted to the client for review to determine whether the images we produced meet the requirements. During the re-examination of samples, customers can provide samples of amendments, we adjusted according to the actual situation, as far as possible so that the picture in line with customer requirements.
Image adjustment is completed, the customer needs to pay the balance within 3 working days after receipt of our payment through online transmission, such as QQ, Want, mailbox, network disk, etc. to provide customers with a film.
If you need a film, please let us know in advance, we will return the mail when the goods attached to the CD information. You can also bring your own U disk to our office copy.

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